From the outset, and believing in the potential to innovate with the “Estáter model”, we have achieved significant results. Today we have already concluded over 40 transactions, totaling approximately R$ 90 billion in value.


06.2019 Estáter advised Mr. Roberto Rezende Barbosa in the negotiation of his capital injection in Banco Indusval & Partners by means of a capital raise that enabled him to become the bank’s controlling shareholder.


11.2018 Estáter, financial advisor to Total in its acquisition of Rede Zema de Combustíveis, welcomes and wishes success to Total in its first investment in the fuel distribution sector in Brazil.

Grupo Trigo

07.2018 Grupo Trigo signed a contract with Vinci Partners to sell all of its Domino’s Pizza brand operations in Brazil. Estáter was the seller’s exclusive financial advisor in the transaction.


05.2016 Unipar Carbocloro S.A. signed a contract with Solvay Argentina S.A. to acquire all of its shares in Solvay Indupa S.A.I.C.. The acquisition is based on an enterprise value of US$ 202,200,000.00. Estáter advised the buyer in the transaction.
  • US$202.2 Million


10.2015 Rio Alva Participações S.A. signed a new shareholders’ agreement with Principal DSB Serviços de Óleo e Gás II (DSB) to regulate their rights and obligations related to their stakes in BravanteDSB injected new money in Bravante through equity and debt. The transaction is valued ("Enterprise Value") at approximately R$ 3,000,000,000.00. Estáter was the exclusive advisor to Rio Alva in the transaction.
  • R$3 Billion


05.2014 ALL - America Latina Logistica S.A. signed a contract with Rumo Logística Operadora Multimodal S.A. to merge their activities through the incorporation of all shares of ALL by Rumo. The transaction is valued ("Enterprise Value") at approximately R$ 13,500,000,000.00. Estáter was the exclusive advisor to ALL in the transaction.
  • R$13.5 Billion


11.2013 BRF S.A. signed a contract with Minerva S.A. to exchange its cattle slaughter assets in Brazil for an equity participation of approximately 15.2% of the total capital (post conversion of debentures) of Minerva S.A., establishing an association among the parties. Estáter was the exclusive advisor to BRF in the transaction.
  • R$586 Million


03.2013 Unipar Participações S.A. signed a contract with companies of the  Occidental Petroleum Corporation for the acquisition of 50% of the shares in Carbocloro Indústrias Químicas Ltda., with the aim of becoming the sole controller of this company. The enterprise value of the transaction was approximately
R$ 600,000,000.00. Estáter was the exclusive advisor to Unipar in the transaction.
  • R$600 Million


07.2012 NeogamaBBH reaffirms its association through full integration with BBH and Publicis Groupe creating a new global network. Estáter was the exclusive advisor of NeogamaBBH in the structuring and negotiation of the transaction.


05.2011 TECSIS, a leading global manufacturer of custom blades for wind turbines, has received a capitalization value of US$ 485,000,000.00 the transaction, structured by Estáter, received proceeds from Estáter GI, BNDESPAR, UNIPAR and a Private Equity Fund.

  • US$485 Million


12.2010 UOL through its subsidiary DH&C OUTSOURCCING S.A (“DH&C”), acquired Diveo Broadband Networks, Inc. (“DBNI”), that develops datacenter e webhosting activities in the Brazilian and Colombian markets.The transaction totaled approximately R$ 712,900,000.00. Estáter was the sole advisor of  UOL in the structuring and negotiation of the transaction.
  • R$712.9 Million


10.2010 Talent, one of the most prominent advertising groups in Brazil, entered into na association  with Publicis Groupe. Estáter was the sole advisor of Talent in the structuring and negotiation of the transaction.


05.2010 BERTIN and EQUIPAV split its assets focused on toll roads, water and sewage, and energy concessions, formerly combined on Cibe Participações.​Estáter acted as BERTIN and EQUIPAV´s financial advisor in structuring and implementation of the transaction.


02.2010 ETH BIOENERGIA S.A. and BRENCO – COMPANHIA BRASILEIRA DE ENERGIA RENOVÁVEL joined their operations under ETH´s leadership creating the world´s largest producer of sugar cane with total asset value of R$ 7,000,000,000.00. Estáter acted as ETH´s sole financial advisor in structuring and negotiation of the transaction.

  • R$7 Billion


02.2010 Unipar – União de Indústrias Petroquímicas S.A. sold its stake in Quattor Participações S.A., Unipar Comercial e Distribuidora S.A. e Polibutenos S.A. Indústrias Químicas to Braskem S.A.,  for the total amount of R$ 4,881,900,000.00. Estáter acted as sole advisor for Unipar in the transaction.
  • R$4.9 Billion


01.2010 Gafisa S.A. executed a merger of shares of its controlled company Construtora Tenda S.A., in a transaction valued at approximately R$ 982,000,000.00. Estáter acted as Gafisa´s sole financial advisor in structuring and negotiation of the transaction.
  • R$982 Million


12.2009 Pão de Açúcar Group, through its subsidiary Globex Utilidades S.A., and Casa Bahia Comercial Ltda. concluded an association agreement combining their respective retail operations of durable goods, creating the largest specialty retailer in Latin America, in a transaction amounting approximately to R$ 3,856,100,000.00. Estáter was the sole advisor of Pão de Açúcar Group in the structuring and negotiation of the transaction.

  • R$3.856 Billion


06.2009 Pão de Açúcar Group acquired the controlling stake of Globex Utilidades S.A. (“Ponto Frio”),representing 70.2% of its total capital, and a tender offer for the remaining minority shareholders was executed, in a transaction amounting approximately to R$ 1,260,000,000.00 Estáter acted as the sole advisor of Pão de Açúcar Group in the structuring and negotiation of the transaction.
  • R$1.260 Billion


01.2009 Votorantim Industrial and Votorantim Celulose e Papel (“VCP”) concluded the agreements for the acquisition of a controlling stake at Aracruz Celulose S.A. and for the merger of this company with VCP, creating the world’s biggest pulp company, in a transaction amounting approximately to R$ 18,970,000,000.00. Estáter  was the sole advisor of Grupo Votorantim in the structuring and negotiation of this transaction.
  • R$18.970 Billion


07.2008 Unipar – União de Indústrias Petroquímicas S.A. sold 100% of União Terminais e Armazéns Gerais Ltda. shares to Ultra Group for the amount of approximately US$ 315,000,000.00. Estáter acted as sole advisor to Unipar in the transaction.
  • US$315 Million


11.2007 Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, Petrobras Química S.A. – Petroquisa and Unipar – União de Indústrias Petroquímicas merged a part of their petrochemical assets mainly located in the southeast region to form a “ Petrochemical Partnership” valued at roughly US$ 4,860,000,000.00. Estáter acted as sole advisor to Unipar in the structuring and negotiation of the transaction.
  • US$4.860 Billion


11.2007 Pão de Açúcar Group and Assai Comercial e Importadora Ltda. formed a partnership to create Barcelona Comércio Varejista e Atacadista S.A. (“Barcelona”). Through the Assai label, Barcelona will compete in the food sector´s self-service wholesale market. The transaction totaled approximately R$ 4,881,900,000.00. Estáter acted as sole advisor to Pão de Açúcar Group in the transaction.
  • R$4.881 Billion


10.2007 The shareholders of Umbria Participações S.A. (“Umbria”) sold a minority stake and signed a shareholders´ agreement with.Estáter Gestão de Investimentos.


09.2007 The shareholders of Estáter Gestão de Investimentos announce the creation of Dapo Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda. (“Dapo”), company focused on real estate development and construction.


05.2007 Through a public offering, Groupe Casino acquired 51,250,868 shares of Almacenes Exito S.A. (Colombia), totaling US$ 323,000,000.00. Estáter acted as Casino´s financial advisor in structuring and implementing the deal.
  • US$323 Million


03.2007 Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., Braskem S.A. and Ultrapar S.A. joined forces to purchase the totality of Group Ipiranga´s shares valued at approximately US$ 4,000,000,000.00. Estáter originated the transaction and acted as sole advisor to Petrobrás, Braskem and Ultra in the negotiation and structuring of the deal.
  • US$4 Billion


06.2006 Estáter negotiated with institutional investors from Brazil and abroad the private sale of a block of preferred shares for US$ 130,000,000.00 that were owned by members of the Diniz family.
  • US$130 Million


10.2005 Estáter advised Ipiranga Group in the restructuring of Ipiranga Comercial Química´s convertible debentures totaling R$ 190,000,000.00 which resulted in the negotiation of the convertible rights between the issuer and holder -  Distribuidora de Produtos de Petróleo Ipiranga and Refinaria de Petróleo Ipiranga.
  • R$190 Million


08.2005 Estáter negotiated the sale of a block of the preferred shares owned by members of  the Diniz family to five institutional investors from Brazil and abroad, totaling US$ 96,250,000.00 as a result, Dynamo Administração de Recursos gained the right to appoint a member on CBD´s Advisory Board. 
  • US$96 Million


05.2005 Estáter advised Pão de Açúcar´s controlling shareholder in structuring and negotiating the joint venture and new shareholder agreement entered into with Groupe Casino, as well as in restructuring Pão de Açúcar Indústria e Comércio, which resulted in the creation of CBD´s new joint control holding company. The transaction totaled approximately US$ 920,000,000.00.
  • US$920 Million


03.2005 With the strategic objective of increasing its business in the European market, Coteminas signed a Distribution. Agreement with Coelima Indústrias Texteis S.A., an important Portuguese textile group with well-know brand names and a distribution structure in the European Union. Estáter advised Coteminas in negotiating this transaction.


12.2004 Grupo Nova América and Banco Intercap sold their car financing business, as well as their financing portfolio to Banco Itaú for R$ 249,500,000.00. Estáter advised the sellers in negotiating this deal.
  • R$249.5 Million


Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (CBD) and Sendas S.A. sold a 14.86% stake of Sendas Distribuidora S.A. for US$ 50 million to private equity funds managed by AIG Capital Partners US$ 50,000,000.00. Estáter originated and advised CBD in negotiating the deal structure.
  • US$50 Million


01.2004 Ipiranga Petroquímica S.A. sold its 33.33% indirect stake in Petroquim Chile Limitada. Estáter advised Ipiranga in the financial-economic assessment and negotiation of the deal.


07.2003 Ipiranga Petroquímica S.A. (IPQ) concluded its US$ 134.9 million debt restructuring process with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and a syndicate of 12 foreign banks. Estáter advised Ipiranga in structuring the deal and negotiating with the IFC, KfW and Hoechst AG US$ 134,900,000.00.
  • US$134.9 Million


06.2003 The IPO by Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobrás achieved its objective of delisting Petrobras Distribuidora S.A. and obtained approval from shareholders representing 97% of shares outstanding, with a financial volume equivalent to R$ 470,432,660.23. Estáter provided financial advice to Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobrás in reference to the Petrobrás Distribuidora S.A. IPO through an exchange of Petrobrás shares.
  • R$470 Million


01.2003 Ipiranga Comercial Química S.A. (ICQ) made a R$ 350,000,000.00 capital increase in Ipiranga Petroquímica S.A. (IPQ). Estáter advised Ipiranga on modeling the deal and preparing the evaluation reports.
  • R$350 Million