Intellectual Property

“Intellectual property” is a model that we believe is successful judging from results we obtained until now since establishing Estáter in 2003.

At Estáter, we are constantly mapping global opportunities for clients and prospects. Irrespective of whether a hypothesis is unlikely at first or if the promising operation is surrounded by apparently insurmountable obstacles. In the first phase of our prospecting, crucial is to simply believe in good ideas. “Think outside the box.” In this way, we are inspired by the revolutionary, in thinking differently. Subsequently, we study deeply and our process of intellectual production migrates to the hypothesis phase, tests and redundancies. We apply mathematical models to the different financial return and asset valuation scenarios. And we submit results to comparisons with other operations involving similar players. This is when we dive deeply into figures, after establishing the concept, the assumptions and the structure of each transaction. Only then, the process initiated in our “creation room” is sufficiently mature to present as a product to a client – or a prospective client. Today, we believe more than ever in this model where creativity and deep analysis of strategy and figures cohabitate. As such, Estáter became, despite its young age, an important player in the Brazilian market, performing a relevant role in the consolidation of sectors such as petrochemical, pulp and retail, among others. And it is from what we consider an innovative platform for business, uniting technology and knowledge, that we follow the global expansion of Brazilian companies and entrepreneurs.