Estáter GA

Estáter Gestão de Ativos was created to enable our participation in non-listed companies. The goal is to identify companies with high organic or inorganic growth potential and participate in their growth, based on a long term investment view. Since the creation of this area, we have executed transactions with companies in the following sectors: food and beverage, real estate development, renewable energy, and insurance brokerage.

Estáter GA serves another mission which we judge as highly strategic. As our business focus is in the evaluation and advisory of companies undergoing mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, we recognized along the way that “rolling up your sleeves” represented a valuable learning. By dealing with the day to day of companies in a growth phase we would have a valuable laboratory that supports our understanding of specific aspects of corporate life. To use a metaphor of a house being built: we are architects of great buildings who learn the role of the builder adding brick after brick to our structures.

Below is a list of companies where we have control, and remain active in the management and future planning:

Cauri Investment Fund


Cauri Investment Fund
Cauri Fund is the vehicle used by Estáter to manage proprietary capital. It is a closed fund with active positions in various markets such as fixed income, rates, currencies and equities, offering an updated reading of market themes and contributing with a perspective of minority shareholders and scenarios for the projections made in evaluating companies.



Insurance broker focused on risk management and consulting for its clients. TRR is among the largest players in Brazil, targeting medium and large companies, and offering clients a complete portfolio: benefits management, asset and equity risks, and massified insurance, from its offices in São Paulo and Campinas (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

The company is a result of the merger between Securitas União and TRR Seguros which occurred in 2010. Currently, Estáter Group holds 90.0% of the total capital of the company, participating actively in management and strategic planning.

TRR Securitas


Established in 1999 in Curitiba (PR) as a house builder, DAPO started to build residential apartments in 2007.

Through a capitalization, Estáter Gestão de Ativos holds 68.71% of the total capital of the company, being responsible for its operating strategy and asset allocation.

DAPO acts as a developer in the segment of small residential apartments – with 35 to 55 flats per building – in plots located in prime regions, targeting middle and upper-middle classes.

Since 2015, the company also acts in the third-party construction segment, covering industrial and commercial sectors in the southern region of the country.