Advisory in the acquisition process, developing creative solutions to maximize results. This procedure involves advising shareholders, executives and investors, ensuring:
  1. unbiased analysis of assets.
  2. precision in the arrangement of conditions that make the operation feasible.
  3. assembly of structures that make the operation feasible and optimal for our clients.
Direct advisory in the negotiation of contracts and drafting of shareholders’ agreements.

Advisory in restructurings, with the objective of preparing a company for the market or evaluating shareholding or succession problems. For this, Estáter develops alternatives for restructurings that allow for spin-offs, uncrossing of equity stakes, separations or other models that lead to the maximization of shareholder value.

Advisory in all phases of alienation processes, supporting controllers, shareholders, boards and corporate committees: from preparation of the company for the transaction to the valuation of its assets up to finding investors, defining strategy and implementing the negotiation with interested parties. Advisory in formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances: we develop feasibility studies for partnerships in the national and international markets, analyzing feasibility, valuing relative businesses, developing shareholders’ agreements and negotiating.